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Edge Craft


Our Story

If you’ve come in to enjoy our barbecue you’ve met him slicing all the proteins for you. Over the years Zach has worked in many kitchens across the nation from pubs and food trucks to fine dining and farm-to-table specialty restaurants but barbecue is the one that hits home.

Growing up, Zach visited his grandparents in central Texas for family get togethers often. He would watch his papa smoke brisket and the family would gather around to hang out and enjoy the meat. Barbecue became a family tradition and is something Zach creates with pride and passion.
This is how the name Edge Craft Barbecue originated.


Central Texas style craft BBQ in OKC


These are the three essential ingredients. Creating smoked meat is a passion that takes craftsmanship and time. It's a combination of quality proteins, skilled seasoning, controlling a live fire and monitoring the temperature of the pit. At Edge Craft Barbecue you can taste the results of this process in every bite!

Post Oak

To create our deliciously smoked meats we locally source post oak. It also commonly grows in central Texas which is why it has traditionally been used for central Texas barbecue. Additionally, it's mild aroma lends itself well for long cooking times needed to produce our proteins.

Prime Brisket

Brisket is the heart and soul of Central Texas style barbecue which is why we use 100% prime grade brisket. It is skillfully trimmed, seasoned and then smoked by our pitmaster for at least 14 hours.

Order Up

When you step up to the counter at Edge Craft Barbecue you can create your own platter by selecting from our proteins and side options a la carte or choose one of our meat plates. Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with any questions.